Competitive Shooting Is In Our Blood

Like a lot of folks, we grew up hunting and fishing. In those days rifles and shotguns were the tools of choice, but about 14 years ago a few of us got involved in competitive pistol shooting. We were introduced to a variety of rifle, pistol and shotgun shooting sports, however our interest focused on the action pistol sports and we began designing target systems. The goal was simple: create moving targets that were more realistic than swingers. For the record, the first moving target was gravity powered and activated by the shooter pulling a pin with a string attached. We've come a long way baby!

Gravity powered "running man" target system (Circa 2003)

A lot has changed in the last 14 years

It sure has. After getting involved in competitive shooting and running matches, we've learned a simple fact: people have more fun (and stay attentive & interested) when they are challenged with new and different targets. Once we started using moving targets (not swingers) our match attendance started to increase. The regulars kept coming back and bringing new shooters with them. At the end of the day, it was all about the product we were delivering. Our product was a shooting match and it delivered fun and excitement that kept shooters coming back.

Today, Plinker Systems is bringing products to market that allow you to create matches that will keep your shooters, not only coming back, but bringing new shooters with them.

It's kind of like this: Would you rather go to a Disney movie or go to Disney World? Shoot static paper targets or shoot movers? Your choice.

Indoors or Outdoors?

Across the country, people have access to shooting ranges. They don't always have access both indoor and outdoor ranges, but almost everyone in the USA has some type of access to a shooting facility. Urban areas often don't have access to outdoor ranges and rural areas often don't have access to indoor ranges. Regardless, any type of access allows people the opportunity to get involved in the shooting sports. 

Since shooting is in our blood, we strive to bring products to market that allow all shooters the opportunity to experience the fun and excitement of the shooting sports. Our pneumatic target systems are designed for indoor and outdoor use, while our Electronic Plate Rack is for indoor use only.

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