- The Electronic Plate Rack -

A Unique Target System for Indoor Ranges 

  • Law enforcement agencies need to measure speed, accuracy and decision-making
  • Competitive Shooters are looking for easy ways to incorporate moving targets into their competitions.
  • Range owners are looking for enhanced entertainment opportunities for their range customers.

That's what we do.

​In today's social & political environment, its getting harder than ever to find a range for tactical training or recreational shooting. Once found, a shooter's or an agency's next task is finding challenging ways to train or practice for improvement. Law enforcement takes a slightly different route than either the casual or the seriously competitive shooter. Having both portable & affordable target systems helps budget-strapped agencies and non-profit shooting clubs. For Range owners and operators, providing more than just paper targets on electric retrievers is a way of differentiating your range from the other range one just down the road. For range owners, its about customer engagement and revenue generation.

Only 10% of your officers are "gun guys", but 100% of the officers expect their partner or their backup to be able to cover their butt when the stuff hits the fan.

Continuous training is a pain but its necessary. Being able to train & measure qualification results is mandatory. The Electronic Plate Rack is an inexpensive tool that can not only present different scenarios for different shooters but it also tracks each officer's results and make them immediately visible to firearms instructors or those higher in command.

Plus, shooting the Electronic Plate Rack takes a ton of the monotony out of keeping officers engaged while being at the range. They each see their results immediately, no review necessary.

Range owners are in business to stay in business. Having an environment that encourages customers to come back more frequently and to bring their friends is the Holy Grail. But, how do you do it?

Seeing your name on the Leader Board, winning a competition or winning prizes are all great hooks that the Electronic Plate Rack can bring to a range.

Hosting Shooting Leagues for your customers is a great way to get customers to become regulars. Having matches that can last an entire week (or longer) and can be automatically tabulated without having to rely on range staff is now beginning to sound really interesting. All you have to do is the marketing.

Many indoor ranges allow competitions to be held during the slow nights of the week, as long as the range owner doesn't have to pay staff to perform the setups & tear-downs. Revenues generated from the match will usually pay the HVAC bills. Seldom however, will a range operator make enough money from the limited number of shooters who show up, to have any interest in promoting the match. Let's face it, shooting static paper targets each week gets a little old without some creative excitement added. A problem that the organizing volunteer quickly realizes is that having to teach "new" volunteers the process is a chore. This becomes a regular occurrence if the group is to continue to evolve as shooters come and go before getting tired of shooting paper targets.