Plinker Systems Targets for Law Enforcement Agencies

Agencies are always having to take officers out of the field to attend training. Many agencies don't own ranges therefore in addition to being out of the field, they may also have to travel out of town. These reoccurring costs are a substantial portion of many small agencies' annual budget.

When a department, which doesn't own its own indoor range, travels to either a neighboring county or to a commercial range, they are under considerable time constraints and must get setup, run the officers through the stages and exercises, test for qualification and finally tear-down, pack up and leave. Either way, with a trailer in tow, the instructor loads up and hauls all the gear, cover and props to the range to be unloaded and configured for the day's exercises. It seems there's never enough time get get it all done.

Time is money. Money is budget. Both are in short supply at most agencies.

In order to run 50-100 officers through stages or drills could easily take 4-5 days at a borrowed (or rented) range. Assuming the agency is having to purchase time at a public range, the ongoing costs of just the real estate can get to be an expensive proposition, irrespective of ammo & travel costs. Having designated safety officers or qualified volunteers available to add, move or change a stage becomes imperative. Down time at a range is expensive, especially when training is an ongoing necessity.

No matter if the group of shooters is comprised of beat cops or an elite SWAT team, each stage or scenario must be staged, constructed and torn down when the exercise is completed. Being able to recreate a scenario is imperative in order to maintain consistency in training. No agency has all their personnel at the range at the same time. Being able to setup and tear-down in a timely manner is critical in order to process the group of shooters through as quickly and easily as possible.

Have you ever wanted to reconfigure an indoor range for your specific needs? How about for SWAT exercises?

Unless you work for a large metropolitan law enforcement organization, you don't have the luxury to go into a range and rearrange the furniture - "so-to-speak". Indoor ranges tend to be owned by city/county/federal governments or private companies. Within ranges that only have runners for paper targets reconfiguring is non-existent unless your group or agency has access to the entire bay and all its lanes. Even then, its for a short amount of time.

Many indoor ranges don't have easy storage for all the props, cover and targets that your group uses. If the range will allow a Conex box outside, consider yourself lucky. Otherwise, if you have access to the entire bay, you may setup your scenarios with whatever props you happened to haul in that day.

Setup & tear down becomes an issue when shooting scenario-based exercises or stages. From a firearms instructor's perspective, it takes quite a bit of time to not only design the Coarse of Fire but to also set it up prior to the shooters' arrival. Depending on the number of shooters and the number of stages that are needed, it could take more time to setup and tear down than it takes to run all the shooters through the stages.

Either of Plinker's target lines may be used indoors. The Dual Mover may be used with Live Fire, Simunitions, Airsoft or even Paintball. The Electronic Plate Rack is only designed to be used with Live Fire ammunition. It may be shot however with both standard or frangible ammunition.

Create scenarios for Individuals

Create scenarios for Teams       

Save money on Training Costs 

Electronic Plate Rack


  • Portability - Casters allow moving/storing anywhere on the range
  • Immediate upload of shooting results
  • See & hear the impact of shooting steel
  • Never need to go down-range to check or change targets


  • Shooting results are kept in a secure cloud repository, accessible from any internet-aware device
  • Target system may be relocated to storage when agency is not at the range.
  • ​An agency may rotate many officers through the lane in a very short amount of time
  • Boost comradery by setting up intra-agency or inter-agency competitions
  • ​Historical records may be kept of each officer's results

Dual Mover


  • Portability - quick setup & teardown
  • Programmable Scenarios so you don't have to recreate for each new class/competition
  • ​Daisy-chain up to 1024 targets into a massive scenario if desired
  • ​Dual targets for Threat/Non-Threat scenario
  • Setup for Square Range Drills
  • Inexpensive
  • Distances out to 1000 yards with portable air tank (scuba or paintball)


  • May be stored in a closet, barn or trailer
  • Easily tranportable to indoor or outdoor ranges
  • ​Do not need a permanent location. May be used in multiple scenarios like square drills and shoot houses.
  • Start with a few targets and add more as budget allows
  • No need to find a range with 90 degree movers