Plinker Systems Pneumatic Target Systems for Competition

The competitive shooting sports were pioneered back in the 1970's by shooting legends like Col. Jeff Cooper. Why is it that target systems have not evolved the same way firearms have? Swingers and poppers still work, but wouldn't you like to challenge your competitive shooters with more realistic stages?

See the Plinker Systems pneumatic targets in action.

The founders of Plinker Systems have been pioneering pneumatic targets ​in the shooting sports for 10+ years and we've learned how to make electro-mechanical targets work reliably in the demanding environment of competitive shooting. Early on, we ran into the challenge of bad weather and electrical systems. These challenges have been overcome and all of our pneumatic targets are IP56 rated for weatherproof performance.

Another challenge we faced was target activation. In order for each shooter to see exactly the same target presentations, it was imperative that the shooter activate the targets. We have developed multiple methods for shooters to activate our pneumatic targets. These methods include buttons, pressure pads, break-beam switches and proximity switches. ​

Setup and breakdown must be fast and efficient

Almost all competitions are held on multi-purpose ranges, so permanently installed target systems just don't work. Match directors and staff must be able to quickly build unique stages for each match and when the match is over, they must put everything away in order to clear the range for other users. Plinker Systems has put a lot of time and effort into making pneumatic target systems that are portable and light weight. We have also introduced wireless controllers in order to minimize setup time and complexity.

Electronically controlled targets bring a whole new dimension to competitive shooting

Using our electronically controlled targets, the match director can setup the presentation timing to challenge the master class shooter as well as the novice. In order for a competitive match to be successful, it has to be fun for everyone. Matches that are too challenging will drive away new or inexperienced shooters and matches that aren't challenging will drive away the best shooters. Using our target systems give you the ability to challenge both and your match attendance will increase as the word spreads.

Pistol, Rifle or Shotgun

Regardless of the type of match you run, our target systems can bring a whole new level of excitement to your match. Do you run a sniper challenge? Our wireless target systems have a range of 1000+ yards. Want to add some spice to your 3-gun match? Plinker Systems pneumatic targets have speed control that allows you to present targets as quickly or slowly as you like. Likewise, the presentation time is easily set using our PC based sofware and graphical user interface.

Simple and Intuitive User Interface

Not everyone is a rocket scientist or computer nerd. At Plinker Systems, we design our software to be simple and intuitive so that even a novice computer user can program a presentation sequence. Our user interface is tablet or laptop friendly. Simply touch or click to drag the intervals along the timeline. 


If the Plinker Systems' pneumatic target systems are what you've been looking for, go to our store and discover how affordable they are!