It's time for law enforcement training and competition to use more modern tools

Shooting ranges have been around since the advent of firearms and when it comes to targets, things haven't changed much in the last 30 years. With the technology that's available today, why don't we see more of it at the range? If cost is your answer to this question, keep reading. Plinker Systems has designed portable and economical target systems for the unique requirements of law enforcement training and competitive shooting -- at affordable prices.

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There is a long history of the relationship between competitive shooting and military/law enforcement training. The competitive shooting sports were pioneered by individuals with a background in military/LEO training. Over time, competitive shooters developed techniques that were incorporated into military/LEO training. This relationship has evolved over time to include enhancements in firearms, accessories, and target systems.

At Plinker Systems, our goal is to build target systems that are as realistic as possible.

Targets that swing in an arc or simply turn from edge to face are not very realistic. Yes, they can be challenging to shoot, but they don't build skills that are very realistic in the real world. Our target systems incorporate electronics that bring reactive training to a whole new level. Outdoor shooting ranges provide a venue where a wide variety of scenarios can be built. Shoot houses and stages with automobiles are just some examples, but static targets and "swingers" make these scenarios fall short of reality. While indoor ranges have more constraints on scenario design, our target systems can be used just as effectively in an indoor environment.

Most shooting ranges are multi-purpose.

Almost all shooting ranges are used for multiple purposes. Public, private, military and LE shooting ranges are similar in that many different groups use the facility. Private and public ranges often have different users -- from regular members to different types of competition (USPSA, IDPA, ICORE etc...). Military and law enforcement ranges often have different agencies using the same facility. Many agencies don't have thier own range and must beg, borrow or steal time on other agency ranges.

This means that either the targets are fixed in place or they must be setup and broken down after use. Most ranges with moving (rotating) target systems are fixed in place. Being fixed in place means they are extremely limited in how they can be used and are typically very expensive to install. For those ranges without fixed rotating targets, options are fairly limited when it comes to scenario design. 

Our dual pneumatic movers are light weight, portable and affordable.

Four Dual Movers in a short bed pickup truck.

Plinker Systems' pneumatic targets are designed to be easily setup and broken down. They are controlled by a wireless link with a range of 1000+ yards. You can create square range drills by lining up one or more targets against the berm or you can place them in vehicles, shoot houses, behind barricades or any other prop you may have on the range. Re-configuring them from one scenario to the next is simple and easy.

Learn more about our pneumatic targets for use in military and law enforcement training.

Learn more about our pneumatic targets for use in competition.


If the Plinker Systems' pneumatic target systems are what you've been looking for, go to our store and discover how affordable they are!

Features and Benefits


  • Portability - quick setup & teardown
  • Programmable Scenarios so you don't have to recreate for each new class/competition
  • ​Daisy-chain up to 1024 targets into a massive scenario if desired
  • ​Dual targets for Threat/Non-Threat scenario
  • Setup for Square Range Drills
  • Inexpensive
  • Distances out to 1000 yards with portable air tank (scuba or paintball)


  • May be stored in a closet, barn or trailer
  • Easily tranportable to indoor or outdoor ranges
  • ​Do not need a permanent location. May be used in multiple scenarios like square drills and shoot houses.
  • Start with a few targets and add more as budget allows
  • No need to find a range with 90 degree movers