We are Redefining Indoor Shooting!

Plinker Target Systems 

A target system for successful ranges which are looking to not only provide excitement & fun for their customers, but also provide another income stream for their ranges. We call it the Electronic Plate Rack because it combines  laser and sensor technology with the internet!

Plinker Systems reactive steel targets

The  Plinker Reactive Steel Target System

What are reactive steel targets all about?  Watch the 2 Minute Video Above

New Revenue Opportunities

Increase revenues by selling "Premium" range time or charge by the game. Increase weekly match revenue by hosting a match that can last for multiple days. Corporate event participants love to compete against their employee peers. Training revenue & membership upgrades. Don't forget the additional ammo sales.

Uses only One Lane

The Plinker Target System uses a single lane in a bay. So, there is no need to shut down a range or bay to hold a match. Splatter guards protect the walls and floor from damage.

No wires to Run

We understand that anything downrange can and will get shot. Therefore, the target communicates wirelessly back to a tablet PC. This tablet connects to your in-house WiFi network and then to our web servers.

Completely Mobile

Once assembled, the target may be easily rolled around the range, should the lane be needed for other activities. Locking casters stabilize the target on the 12-yard mark, recommended as the minimal distance from a shooter. With the spall wings removed, the target system will fit through a standard 3' door.

Electronic Scoring

The tablet and the target communicate asynchronously, allowing game choices to be sent to the target controller which controls laser beams in the base. Immediately after games are played, a shooter's score is communicated back to both the firing line tablet and further to the shooter's account on the Shootplinker.com internet portal.


Our website hosts a range dashboard so range management and POS terminals can see real-time utilization of the target system. The front desk has access to who has shot, which games, home many and what the scores are.

Shooters Portal

Our website also hosts a shooters portal so your customers can access their practice and match results instantly. 

Your customers will buy more ammo.

Your customers will stay longer.

Your existing customers will tell their friends.